Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Audio News #1

Listen to the news! Hear the librarian say "ummmmm"!

Welcome to the inaugural GPC Decatur Campus Library audio news. Every couple of weeks or so we will record a new version of the news to post here to our weblog. The first version is fairly rough but we will work on improving the quality and content in future editions.

Library News #1 (mp3)

The news is listenable directly from the blog by clicking on the above link or as a podcast. Simply add our podcast feed to your podcasting client, such as iPodder or Sparks!, to automatically download new versions of the library audio news to play on your computer or digital audio device. This allows you to listen to the content whenever and however you want. For more information on podcasting, check out these news stories posted on Wikipedia or do a search for "podcasting" in your favorite search engine.

The news lasts for about 12 minutes and may have a drop in volume around minute 4 or so. The bugs should be ironed out in future versions for a more consistent listening experience. Please leave any comments and suggestions for future podcasts in the comments or through the Ask A Librarian service.


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